Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Money Making Online by Writing Reviews

This post is about the list of websites where you can make money online by doing paid reviews. Getting reviews written by good bloggers is a very popular way among advertisers to generate buzz about their brand and reach a whole new set of audience. There are many websites which allow bloggers to make money by writing paid reviews. PayPerPost is among the most oldest and most popular among paid networks to get paid by completing review assignments.

In this post, I am mentioning more sites where you can get paid reviews from advertisers. The rate you are paid for each review will vary according to the link popularity and authority of your website. All you need is a PayPal account and you can earn a lot of money by writing paid reviews.

This is a great site where many advertise come to find popular blogs related to them. BuyBlogReviews has no minimum payment amount - all money transactions are on Paypal.

This is a well-known website that gives bloggers a great way to make money online by writing paid reviews. Each paid review can earn you anything from $20 to $200. ReviewMe also offers payment in check apart from the usual Paypal payments.

You can browse and ask advertisers to advertise a review on your blog. Also, you can set your own price. SponsoredReviews will share the revenue 50:50. I have earned a lot of money from SponsoredReviews by promoting advertisers.

Blogsvertise is a very simple concept of earning from paid reviews. You don't have a market place but the site admin will assign you paid reviews on a regular basis. They have no minimum amount of payment and all payments are done through Paypal.

They have an array of world class advertisers who want to promote their website/products. If you register yourself at their site - you can have a great opportunity to earn money from blogging. BloggerWave also does not have any minimum payment threshold.

A good site if you want to get a consistent flow of paid review assignments. As the name suggest they simply pay you to blog- about their advertisers. Again, they also have no minimum payment amount.

LinkWorth basically allows you to earn from paid reviews but they offer a lot of other ways to earn money. LinkWorth allows bloggers to sell links as well as banner ads, full page ads etc. They share revenue 70:30.

Making money from paid reviews is great as they allow you to earn from what a blogger loves to do the most – blogging.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing as we know it is a very competitive gig. Infect 95% of the people that have ever tried affiliate marketing before have completely given up because they do not see the results that they would like within a week or so.

So What Is Affiliate Marketing?

* When you go out and find companies that are willing to pay you money with high percentages for each sale that you produce for them.

The benefits of being an "affiliate marketer" are as followed:

1. You absolutely DO NOT need your own website
2. You DO NOT need your own product
3. Everything is completely done for you, the only thing that you need to know how to do to {make money from home} with affiliate marketing is how to get the word out there which I will explain in greater detail below.

Everyone is often misled when they hear the word "making money from home" or affiliate marketing. The reason being is because so many people are ripped off by these programs because they don't know what they are doing once they join an online program.

There is tons of money to be made in [affiliate marketing] BUT you have to know all of the in's and out's of things. For example like how to get ranked in the search engines so people that are searching for stuff like "making money from home" or affiliate marketing get brought straight to your site. Once they are there and visiting your own affiliate website, you will then more than likely reap the rewards with your cut of the profit, putting more money in your pocket day in and day out.

What Is The Number 1 Way To Cash In Big With Affiliate Marketing?

The most used way of marketing online that I've seen over the years is strictly through Google Adwords. A ton of affiliate marketers use this program because it is laser targeted traffic and will give you the quick and instant cash that everyone wants and needs. But don't be fooled with this awesome tool, you have got to know how to use it effectively and get the best bang for your buck so you are not over spending money on marketing that you could be keeping in the bank. There are free trainings on the Google Adwords website that fortunately NOT a lot of people know about, I highly recommend that as a great starting point.

Choosing Your Affiliate Marketing Website

The reason I have chosen this particular website to market is one because it is new to the internet world. If you find "money making programs", [affiliate marketing] programs that everyone and tons of people have already seen 9 times out of 10 they are automatically going to click away from your site, and that is going to put a huge hole in your pocket as far as marketing costs. You want the "affiliate site" to catch your eye, because if it doesn't why would it catch anyone elses? You want the site to look clean and unique something that even you have never seen before. Once you have successfully looked over everything that is on the affiliate site, every site that offers other people to sell their product there will normally be a link at the very bottom or on the side that says AFFILIATES. This is where you will go and sign up for your FREE affiliate account for that particular company. Clickbank, Commission Junction, PayDotCom, as well as Payzeeno are among the 4 best types of affiliate sites that I would recommend.

Anything and any program within Affiliate Marketing that is new to the industry is set up to make huge money for anyone that is willing to put in a little bit of time and patience into marketing the specific program. So if you want to reap the rewards and start making money from home with these new products or services take a closer look into exactly what you can do to start making money at home today. You need game plan before you start.

Monday, May 17, 2010

AdSense Sharing Site? Worldvillage is a Good Choice

Worldvillage has been an information website run by Joel Comm for many years where Joel shared AdSense revenue with the content contributors of Worldvillage. Recently Joel made a dramatic change to Not just the theme of the site was re-design with a complete new look but also Worldvillage has been turning from an information website into a content publishing platform like Hubpages. Worldvillage looks good now.

Anyone can now join Worldvillage as a villager of the platform. A villager is actually a content contributor. You can contributor content in any topic you like and also you need to provide your Adsense ID to earn Adsense income in Worldvillage.

For each article that you published on Worldvillage, your AdSense ads will be displaying on your Article page. Joel is offering 50:50 AdSense sharing basis where your AdSense ads will appear on your article pages 50% of the time. So, if your article have been viewed by visitors for 100 times, your AdSense would have showed up 50 times. This is how you make money with AdSense in Wordvillage.

You can contribute as many article as possible to get the maximum article views and Adsense revenue. Wordvillage is a large content platform getting a lot of search engine traffic daily. So, if you are writing good articles constantly, your article pages could attract good amount of search engine traffic which is going to boost up your Adsense income.

Besides this, you are allowed to include your anchor text links in your article pages. This will give your site or blog free quality and relevant backlinks. And also you can expect some traffic directed from your Worldvillage article pages to your site.

You can get started on Workdvillage by filling out a simple sign up form on